I want my recording to sound like the special song of band XY.

Please bring a CD quality recording of the special song of band XY, so that we understand what you mean exactly, talking about music is not possible without examples. In order to know what is your preference you should at least bring 2 different CDs, so that the audio engineer can see which sounding to choose for mixdown and mastering.


This take was not good, please record again, i just made a small mistake in the recording, please record again (... and again ...).

Studio time is expensive, so you should be prepared really well for the recording session. You should know exactly how to play and when to play. A studio is not a place for rehearsel. Of course you will have some tries to play together in the rooms and new circumstances, but it´s better for everyone if we are able to use one of the first takes as the final recording. If you are still not satisfied with your recording and want to continue then we can find a solution for this of course.


What shall we (the musicians) provide to you (the studio), before our recording session.

Like on a live concert, also in the studio we record with a lot of microphones, which we can prepare before you enter the studio. It would be good that you send us something like a Rider, where we can see what kind of instruments will be used and we can decide in advance in which of the recording rooms we will place each musician and what microphones. Further it is good to know in advance, if you bring own microphones (e.g. pickups) in order to provide maybe DI boxes or cables for connecting you to the studio.


How many musicians can record at the same time in your studio?

In the three recording rooms there can be a musician in each and one musician in the control room who plays through jack, for example keyboarder, e-bass player. In the vocal recording room there can be also two singers at the same time. If you dont bring a whole drumset, then in the drum recording room two musicians can record together.


What do you (the studio) have to know about the songs we (the musicians) are playing?

You have to know the speed and the beat (eg 7/8) of each song, in order to set up the metronome. If you have very complicated changes in beat and speed then we should meet before in order to set up the metronome first.