Underdog zenekar

After meeting with the manager of the band and discussing about our work environment and the band´s further plans, we are proud to be the studio where the music project "Underdog zenekar" is being recorded. The band members are some ex-homeless musicians who are resocialized by the music project. Further there are a members who studied music at university and now are real professionals. The project is financed by the "Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat" (Malteser) and by the goodwill of their manager. We are working on a whole album with them, which is not too easy, because everyone is not living only form the music, and they are seven members. It´s very hard to find always time to meet up with at least some of them. At the moment we are wishing all the best for them since they will enter at the pre-eurovision songcontest "A Dal" with one track which was also recorded in our studio. Good luck guys!